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About Us

Imen-Sazeh Fadak Civil Engineering Consultants is a construction company that has started its activities since 2000. This company has been actively operating in the areas of designing and executing constructions projects. The company has received the professional qualifications from Management and Planning Organization (MPO) in the following areas:

  • Designing educational, medical, athletic and administrative buildings
  • Structure design
  • Retrofitting the existing buildings
  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for buildings, retrofitting and passive

The company insists that its major assets are the qualified, efficient and responsible human resources. Such a worthwhile possession makes the company capable of undertaking high quality, creative and speedy tasks in a way that our clients and the beneficiaries of our projects have been always satisfied with our services.

In addition to such assets, the company enjoys an accountable and ethical organizational structure. We make use of the valuable experiences in national and international development projects, technical standards in designing and executing as well as credited collection of technical documents.

Clients' and beneficiaries' satisfaction is one of the most remarkable values, highly considered in the company. A good number of important and well-known projects were conducted in Iran by our company. Some of our experiences include the following:

  • Designing Earthquake Museum and Disaster Management Center in Kerman
  • Conducting retrofitting studies of Labbafinejad Hospital in Tehran,
  • Evaluating Haris Hospital
  • Retrofitting east portico of Imam Khomeini Musalla (prayer ground) in Tehran
  • Retrofitting plan management of key centers in Kerman Province
  • Plan management of higher education centers

Managing retrofitting plan of the key buildings belonging to Iranian Ministry of Interior’s, fire-fighting department, and Red Crescent Society

Executing Sharifis’ luxurious residential building project

Designing Hema Cement Factory in Syria


Sharifis’ luxurious residential building project, featured with three independent revolving rooms, was awarded the Top Project prize by Memar (Architect) Journal in 2013 in Iran.

Meanwhile, the company entered development projects market in Iraq in 2008. The company was registered at the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, and has established two offices in the cities of Najaf and Kafel.

Some of the projects undertaken in Iraqi market include:

  • Strengthening and repairing Kafel minaret
  • Designing Abu-Taleb courtyard, as a part of Kufe Mosque development plan
  • Designing Ayatollah Khoi’s Darolelm building structure
  • Designing Ghadir-Khom courtyard, as a part of Nokhayleh historical Mosque development plan
  • Conducting studies of Imamein Askariein’s Shrines reconstruction in Samara

Our motto is “Quality, Creativity and Expertise”, embodied in our designing and executing projects.

In short, the areas of our company’s expertise and interests are as follows:

  • Designing residential, administrative and commercial buildings
  • Designing medical, athletic and educational buildings
  • Designing religious spaces and cultural compounds
  • Designing structures and retrofitting the existing buildings
  • Executing luxurious residential, administrative and commercial buildings
  • Designing and executing special and unique buildings
  • Repairing historical buildings and cultural heritage
  • Designing industrial buildings and facilities
  • Designing and executing steel structures
  • Managing development projects
some of our projects