Designing The Yard of Abu-Talib Complex

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Client: Divan Vaghf Shiee – Great Kufah Mosque

Location: Kufah, Iraq

Project: Design

Progress: Phase 1 has been completed and Phase 2 is in progress

Abu-Talib sahn is a cultural and religious complex, beside the historic and great Kufah Mosque and Muslim sahn. This project, designed for developing religious parts of Kufah, is in harmony with other religious buildings around it, in appearance and function.

The sahn of Abu-Talib Complex is connected to the aother religious buildings, has a huge yard connected with Muslim sahn and Kufah mosque sahn which has a function for prayers in special dates; and in the other hand, has a diverse cultural functions as library, museum and multi functional theater and therefor makes a suitable base for cultural and social activities of citizens and pilgrims. This complex also can give diverse services (like VIP hotel, clinic center, administration and media center) to the whole religious district.

Designing its central sahn is based on connecting axis of three complexes (Kufah Mosque, Muslim sahn and Abu-Talib sahn) and attention to the wall of Muslim and Hani sahn.

The final complex is 28605 square meters, has yards and open spaces in about 7000 square meters  and provides facilities such as below:

Cultural Complex:

  1. Theater in 3871 square meters
  2. Central library in 3762 square meters
  3. Document Center in 1536 square meters
  4. Internet Department in 406 square meters
  5. Museum in 3762 square meters
  6. Panorama in 800 square meters

Residentioal  Complex

  1. Dining and Kitchen in 3121 square meters
  2. VIP Hotel in 855 square meter

Administrative, technical and communication Complex

  1. Management and administration in 2674 square meters
  2. Technical and project management in 853 square meters
  3. Media center in 755 square meters

Healthcare center in 998 square meters

Service and welfare center in 5222 square meters