Kerman Earthquake Museum and Natural Disaster Management Center

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Client: Kerman governorate

Location: Kerman

Project: Design

Date: 2009-2010

This building is the first earthquake museum and natural disaster education center of country and it has been designed by ISF. It was designed to increase safety culture and Public awareness in natural disaster management, specially earthquake. In designing this building we tried to use direct and indirect instructions in decreasing natural disasters risks and common models of Iraninan deserts, so we can design a modern building with iraninan architecture.

This building has a “central yard” and “Yakhchal” as two Iraninan architecture elements. This complex has spaces like:

  • Earthquake simulation theater with taking example of 4 and 5 dimensional cinema theaters
  • Special room for educating right behavior during earthquake, built on quaky table
  • Special room for basic education
  • Special room for educating fire fighting
  • Museum of objects remained from earthquake
  • Disaster park, for educating children
  • Offices and educational parts

Earthquake Museum and Natural Disaster Education Center of Kerman is a unique and one of a kind museum in the country and region and there are such museums in Japan. ISF designed its architecture, structure and facilities ad approvet it by employer and Technical Committee of Kerman government.