Managing Strengthening Project of Key Buildings in Kerman, Part of Bam Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project (BEERP)

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Employer: Kerman Government

Project: Management

Credibility: International Bank

Construction Date: 2008-2010

Bam earthquake happened in 2003 and killed more than 26000, injures 30000 and left 75600 without a home. This makes clear why it was necessary to speedup plans and devising preventations and thus Kerman government set uo many projects with different goals for reconstruction, reinforcement, preventation, transferring technologies and … one of this projects is Bam Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project (BEERP). Its goal is some activities to make a plan for decreasing city’s risk and its trasmition to other cities. One part of BEERP, was strengthening project of key buildings in Kerman, with the management of Kerman government and Bam Reconstruction  Organization (BRO), starting with the aid from International Bank credits. First stage of studies on buildinngs vulnerability was done by DRM, a consulting company from Swiss.

ISF managed this projects and delivered documents and reports about vulnerability and improvement of 13 buildings for earthquake to the employer.

Of its services were managing legal aspects of contracts, fast assessment of buildings, finding consultants, helping with hlding bids, providing technical aid for consultants, engineering control of reports and … Sadly, due to political problems, the International Bank credits were not extended and the project never came to the construction stage.