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Partner Companies

At the moment, this company works with this companies as a group:

  • Imen Sazeh Fadak Consulting Engineers (ISF): Design and construction
  • Behsa Engineering Group: Investing in construction
  • Behta: Trading of construction Materials
  • Arian Sazeh Pasargad: Construction of Buildings

ISF also has signed corporation agreement and participates in their projects as joint venture:

  • Shora Consulting Engineers: in designing healthcare buildings and hospitals
  • Talan Sazeh: in designing and constructing buildings
  • Koopal: in designing and constructiong of steel structures
  • Danesh Maremate Yadman:  in restoration of historical buildings
  • Nepa Sazeh: EPC projects.

In addiotion to that, this company had good interactions with academic centers and at the moment, participates in projects with these universities:

  • Architecture Faculty, Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran
  • Civil Engineering Faculty, Tehran University
  • Civil Engineering Faculty, Sharif University of Technology
  • University of Science and Culture
  • International Institute of Earthquake engineering and Siesmology
some of our projects