Rehabilitating Studies and Restoration of Al-Asgari Holy Shrine

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Employer: Unesco Office, Iraq

Location: Samera Iraq

Project: Restoration

Credibility: UNESCO Credits

Construction Date: 2008-2011

Haram-e Emameyn Asgarieyn and Imam Hadi in Samera has been damaged severly in 207 and 2008 bombings and important parts of this religious and historic complex has ben destroyed. So UNESCO with the help of local institutes planed a project to study its rehabilitating and restoration. In this project, ISF is responsible for structural resistance assessment and improvement plan in this study and dis this with the help of Architecture Faculty, Beheshti University in restoration. In this project, structure group had to gather existing documents, سونداژ and supply resistance tests, study damaged structures and its considerations and delivering necessary solutions for repairing damages. The complete document of this studies, in 6 volumes including executing plans has been delivered to elmployee and was approved by them.