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Strengthening and Restoration of Kifil Minaret, Study and Execution

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Employer: Babel Government, Divan-e Vaghf-e Shiee

Location: Iraq, Helle, Kifil

Project: Restoration

Credibility: Civil, Iraq Government

Construction Date: 2012-2014

Al-Nakhile Mosque, locates beside Zolkhefl Nabi in Kafl, Iraq. This mosque is one of Islamic historic buildings which its date goes back to first days of Islam. This mosque has been restored during Uljayto dynasty and. This 700 years old menara, which has the name of hazrat mohammad, and Imam Ali on its ornamated bricks, recently has heaned to one side as was close to collapse, but the employer made a steel structure around it to temporarily prevent this.

ISF was chosen as the restoration and rehabilitation group for part of this menara and contracted for planning and its execution. After study and improvement planning in earth, decoration, architecture and structure departments, construction started in the site.

Stages of the plan were: