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Structural design and construction of Sharifiha building

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Client: Mr Sharifi

Location: Darus, Tehran

Construction Date: 2011-2013
Architectural Designer : Dr Alireza Taghaboni
Project Type: EPC
Number of Floors=7
Number of Residential Floors: 4
Frame Type : Steel Frame

Sharifiha Residential Building is a super modern building with the special revolving cubes and the constant capacity for changing the space of the  house. This building is a unit in 7 floors, which its 1 to 4 floor are residential, its ground floor is parking and its 2 basements are gym and pool. Its structure is  steel structure bolts, and in designing and building is revolving rooms we benefited from the aid of German Bomat Company.

This building has super luxury facilities and has been designed and constructed with full intelligent technology. It has been selected as the best project of the year 2013 by Memar Magazine. With its excessive and unique luxurious facilities and technologies, it has been hugely reflected by media and the effort put in its construction gained the global attention to technical and engineering abilities of Iranian engineering companies.