Vulnerability Studies and rehabilitation plans for 5 schools in East Azerbaijan

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Employer: East Azerbaijan Organization of Schools Renovation, Development and Mobilization

Location: Tabriz

Project: Rehabilitation

Credibility: Civil

Construction Date: 2006

Vulnerability Studies for 5 schools has been made as below:

  1. Imam Hasan Mojtaba School (3 floors, Steel structure, 2070 square meters)
  2. Ayande Sazan Elementry School (2 floors, masonry structure, 1388 square meters)
  3. Abu Alisia High School (2 floors, masonry structure, 2026 square meters)
  4. Tuba Boarding School (2 floors, masonry structure, 1116 square meters)
  5. Shahid Hasan Teymoori (2 floors, masonry structure, 1108 square meters)