Human Resource Management

One of the main objectives Of Contacts ISF is affecting and constant presence in Iran and middle east as a creditable company and brand in building industry, and without doubt it is only possible by profiting a powered, motivated and aligned with company’s strategy human resources, in addition to detailed planning and allocation of resources.

Managers of this company believe that working with powerful nd sophisticated human resources, is a valuble asset that helps the company to compete and and be a front-runner at that. So human resources are one of the main factors in realization of gaols and the mission of company. The mission and plans of human resources management in this company are:


Supplying and employing, improving, keeping and developing employees to the point that the company is certain that it is keeping and improving their abilities and competency, so it can accomplishes its mission and goals.


  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Cooperation and Empathy
  • Supporting employees creativity and innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Human resources growth and elevation
  • Respecting standards
  • Attention to human benevolence

Plans and Priorities of Human Resources Department

    • Preparing and updating the regulations and instructions of administration and wmployment in the company
    • Preparing the model of competency and establishing the selection mechanism and employing the most suitable human resources
    • Keeping human resources and creating necessary appeals in available jobs
    • Creating an educational plan to develop human resources abilities and potentials
    • Establishing the function management system to detect and develop abilities and constantly improve the function
    • Preparing and updating the service payoff system and employees motivational systems

    In an overall sorting, company’s staff and human resources can be put in four groups:

    • The Board
    • Managers
    • Senior Advisor
    • Experts and employees

    in 2018, company’s human resources statistics are:

    • 3 employees with PhD. In Management, Architecture and Construction
    • 10 employees with MS degrees in Architecture, Construction, Mechanical Installations, Electric Installations, Industry, Accounting, Finance and IT
    • 34 employees with BS degrees in different trends